NOW ZMA Sports Recovery 90 Capsules

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NOW ZMA Sports Recovery 90 Capsules

NOW ZMA Sports Recovery 90 Capsules

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NOW ZMA Sports Recovery 90 Capsules

NOW ZMA Sports Recovery 90 Capsules

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Regular price ₹ 1,790.00
Regular price ₹ 2,900.00 Sale price ₹ 1,790.00
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Superior Nutrient Absorption and Faster Recovery with NOW ZMA

  • These ZMA Tablets come with 30mg of Zinc, 450mg of Magnesium and 150mg of Vitamin B-6 to give you optimum nutrition.
  • They are designed to help you recover faster to reduce muscle soreness.
  • ZMA  helps improve cellular growth to give you more volume and a better pump.
  • Magnesium aids better absorption of calcium to help build stronger bones and teeth.
  • NOW ZMA Tablets improve the absorption of nutrients that you consume throughout the day for better performance and enhanced results.


Benefits of Now ZMA

For individuals who lead a lifestyle that is physically demanding, adding ZMA capsules to the diet is extremely beneficial. It helps you get the most vital nutrients for improved results and several benefits as mentioned below:

  • Helps achieve daily nutrient requirements: Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6 are the most important nutrients for individuals who are physically active. If you are unable to get the required amount of these nutrients through your diet, 150mg of Vitamin B-6, 450mg of Magnesium and 30mg of Zinc help you reach your daily required intake.
  • Promotes faster muscle recovery: The most important thing in order to recover faster is good sleep. With this ZMA supplement, the nutrients provided help you sleep better. They also improve the rate of muscle recovery after a strenuous workout. As a result, your performance improves and you are able to push your boundaries when it comes to your training.
  • Improves cell growth: Besides better muscle synthesis, these supplements help improve growth at the cellular level. This improves muscle volume considerably and helps you achieve a better muscle pump. Improved cell growth with these ZMA tablets also helps your muscles repair any wear and tear that is caused as a result of heavy training.
  • Aids in calcium absorption: Magnesium in this supplement is vital for better calcium absorption. Calcium is the most vital nutrient when it comes to improved bone and teeth health. By better assimilation of this nutrient, you are able to build stronger bones and muscles.
  • Better assimilation of nutrients: Through the day, you consume various nutrients through your diet. ZMA helps assimilate these nutrients much better. As a result, you are able to get faster results with your training and nutritional plan. Vitamin B-6 particularly aids in faster metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.
  • Highest quality ingredients: This is the best ZMA supplement because of the high standards of quality and safety that are followed. All capsules are manufactured in a GMP certified facility which ensures the best in terms of raw materials used to make these supplements.  


How to Use

For men, the recommended dosage each day is 3 capsules. For women, the recommended dosage is 2 capsules. It is best to take these capsules on an empty stomach or about 40 minutes before bedtime. Make sure that you avoid using these tablets with calcium-rich foods to prevent any toxicity.

Weight 90 Capsules
Flavour Unflavoured
Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian Non-Vegetarian
Number of Servings 30 for Men / 45 for Women
Serving Size 3 Capsules for Men / 2 Capsules for Women
Manufactured In USA
Form Capsules
Goal/Concern Well Being

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