Fake Protein Powder v/s Original Protein Powder

Fake Protein Powder v/s Original Protein Powder

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We frequently read in the media these days about protein powders being fake, contaminated, or imitated, and this is an important concern. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that consumers are made aware of what they choose to consume by the subject matter experts and advocates.

When it comes to protein powder which are to be consumed, authenticity is of prime importance and providing Clean, Safe & Quality supplement is responsibility of the Brands as well as the Manufacturers.

Every well-known brand, including ON whey protein, Dymatize, and MuscleBlaze whey protein, has a duplicate easily accessible in the market.


What should I check for while purchasing protein powders?

Verify the license number first:
It is required to have a license number for health supplements and nutritional products, whether they are imported or produced locally. This ensures that the producer has followed all applicable laws and regulations and that the license number is prominently displayed on the product label.

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Inspect the Seal:

Examine the inner side of the lid for a seal if the health supplements are packaged in bottles. The seal must to be consistently fastened to the bottle. If one is looking for protein supplements, an alternative option would be to select single dose sachet goods, as these have less chance of adulteration and seal breaking.

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 Look for QR and Barcode Codes:
The barcode serves as the correct commercial information for the nutritional supplement.

Furthermore, some products have a QR code attached to them that provides additional information about the product via a specified URL.

Customers can search for specific QR codes to find out more information and avoid purchasing fake nutritional products

Verify Certifications:

A number of worldwide protein certifications, such as those from Informed Sports, NSF, Labdoor, and other organizations, are available for supplement products, indicating that they meet the requirements of the industry.

These are the highest certifications, according to rigorous guidelines that identify the most premium products.

For example, Informed Sports verifies that all product batches are free of prohibited substances according to the list.


What makes up a fake whey protein supplement?

To keep fake whey protein affordable, artificial ingredients are added to it. These ingredient adjustments are in no manner supposed to be beneficial to human health and often result in serious adverse effects.

To make soy protein powder seem like real whey protein powder at a lower cost, soybean powder is added instead. Man breasts are the effect of soybeans' immediate rise of a man's body's estrogen concentration.
There are instances where the whey protein powder's fat content is manipulated. Additionally, precisely the quantity of protein stated on the box would never be present in fake whey protein powder.

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